Challenging Apartheid & Religious Extremism

Conference Purpose Statement: 

The Sabeel Liberation Theology Center invites you to our upcoming Challenging Apartheid and Religious Extremism conference to be held 17-21 November in Bethlehem and online.   

A new reality is rising and religious extremism is fanning the flames of intolerance and violence. Gaza lies in rubble with the majority of the ever increasing death toll being children and women. Even the January 6, 2021 riot in Washington, DC, is being reframed as a righteous protest. Numerous religious and theological leaders find themselves grappling with the challenge of responding faithfully and effectively.  

The Sabeel conference will challenge religious extremism and supremacism, as well as apartheid through a scriptural, liberationist approach to theology by ecumenical and interfaith collaboration. The plenaries, workshops and visits will promote faith based, non-violent, peace-making initiatives to assist in the achievement of liberation, justice and peace in Palestine-Israel. 

Sabeel has organized five webinars, each at 8pm Jerusalem time, from January to May. These webinars, facilitated by distinguished academics and activists, serve as a prelude to the conference by introducing themes and topics that will be explored in depth in November. Register for the webinars here

Wednesday 31st January: An Introduction to Religious Extremism

This webinar will introduce religious extremism and outline the November conference.

Wednesday 28th February: Zionism and Antisemitism

How the term antisemitism has been weaponised and an examination of the relationship between Zionism, apartheid, and religious extremism in Judaism. 

Wednesday 27th March: Islam and Islamophobia

Define Islamophobia, challenge stereotypes and prejudice toward Muslims, and examine how Islamophobia has been exploited to silence criticism of Israel.

Wednesday 24th April: Christophobia and the Persecution of Christians

A discussion on the persecution of Christians and how Christian Zionism exacerbates tensions for Palestinian Christians. 

Wednesday 29th May: A Summary on Religious Extremism

A summary of the series and information about the November conference including the schedule and how to maximize your participation.

Register for the Webinars here

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