Articles, Lectures and Seminars

The Church of England and Gaza (May 2024)

Palestine and Global Peace (April 2024)

A Reflection on the teaching of Imam Ali Al-Raza from a Christian Perspective (January 2024)

Southampton PSC Peace Protest on Gaza (January 2024)

Challenging Apartheid: Four Bible Studies A Sabeel-Kairos UK Advent Series

Glory to God in the Lowest- A Book Review: Dr Donald Wagner (September 2022)

Palestinians and Israelis: A Short History of Conflict – A Review (June 2022)

Conflict or Convivencia: Presentation given at the launch of the Convivencia Alliance (May 2022)

A Biblical Critique of Israeli Apartheid: Sabeel-Kairos UK Annual Conference (September 2021)

What is Christian Zionism?: ICAHD USA Conference (November 2021)

The Ethical Management of Holy Land Pilgrimages: MTh Thesis, Oxford University (1995)

What is Christian Zionism?  Adapted from an article for Middle East Monitor.

Defending Christian Zionism by David Pawson: A Response (May 2008)

The New Antisemitism An article published by Five Pillars

Jerusalem: Eternal City of Faith An article inspired by the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Christian Jihad: A Biblical Case for Proactive Peacemaking
A paper delivered at the Justice Asia Conference in Hong Kong in October 2017

Chosen? Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A paper given at the Kairos-Sabeel Nederland conference in September 2017

Fasting for Justice
A presentation on Fasting for Justice given at the Idara-e-Jaaferiya, Tooting,

Sieben Schritte

Die theologischen und ideologischen Wurzeln der Balfour-Deklaration

Der christliche Jihadist

Die theologischen und ideologischen Wurzeln der Balfour-Deklaration

Sieben biblische Antworten auf populäre zionistische Thesen

Will the Jewish Temple be Rebuilt?

The Promised Land: Claiming your share of Abraham’s Inheritance

Christian Zionism: The New Heresy that Undermines the Middle East Peace Process: Published by Middle East Monitor, August 2013

The Theological and Ideological Roots of the Balfour Declaration: International Conference on Britain’s Legacy in Palestine: Palestine Return Centre, London, 19 January 2013.

The Christian Jihad delivered at the Evangelical Christian-Muslim Dialogue Group, Toronto, 2010 and New Horizon’s Conference, Tehran, November 2014.

Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions My most popular presentation.

Evangelical Theology and American Politics in the Middle East: Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding Leadership Briefing: The Billy Graham Centre, Wheaton College, November 2012.

The Holy Land: For One or for All: Paper delivered at Wheaton College, Chicago, 8 November, 2012.

Broken Promises: The Road to Balfour: Paper delivered at the Church of Scotland/Balfour Project conference, Edinburgh, 2 November, 2012.

A Theology of the Land: Paper published by the Balfour Project

Jerusalem: The City of God in Biblical Tradition: Paper delivered at the Qatar Conference on Jerusalem 26-27 February, 2012. Long Paper : Short Paper

Review of The Palestine State by Dan Cohn Sherbok.

Seven Biblical Responses to Popular Zionist Assumptions (text)  and Video : Presentation at the Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding Executive Briefing in Fremont, California, November 2011 and Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, March 2012.

Jesus confronts racism (the hidden meaning of the Parable of the Good Samaritan) This ‘sermon’ is just 1 minute 48 seconds but it sums up the last 35 years of my full time Christian ministry. If I never preached another sermon, this is the one I’d want you to remember me by.

Revelation TV Debate “Has the Church Replaced Israel?, November 2011.

Malaysia TV3 Interview, June 2011.

Waking people up to reality: Interview in the Star newspaper, Malaysia

Evangelicals and Israel: by Stephen Spector. A Review for American Studies Today

The Christian Jihadist. Bridges of Faith Conference, Toronto, May 2010.

Amnesty International on Denial of Water in Palestine: Premier Radio Debate

Christian Minorities under Muslim rule + video Fuller Seminary. April 2009.

Melanie Phillips and the New Axis of Evangelicals and Islamists: A Reply to the Spectator. March 2009.

The Vatican and Israel. Press TV Middle East Today programme. March 2009.

‘United Against Zionism and Racism’, Edinburgh University, Paper March 2009.

Review of Naim Ateek’s A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation

Who is My Neighbour? Sermon preached at the Annual BibleLands Society service, St. Michael’s, Chester Square, London, October 2008.

The Restoration of Israel by Gerhard Falk: A Review for the Catholic Historical Review.

Stephen’s Reflections and PowerPoint on GAFCON and the Jerusalem Declaration.

Premier Radio Debate with David Pawson, May 2008.

Global Anglicanism and English Orthodoxy: An article on the future of the Church of England.

Zion’s Christian Soldiers – Six seminars on the Bible, Israel and the Church

1. For the Love of Zion: The Bible tells them so

2. Israel and the Church: Who are God’s chosen people?

3. The Promised Land: From the Nile to the Euphrates?

4. Battle for Jerusalem: The Eternal Capital of the Jews?

5. The Coming Last Day’s Temple: Ready to Rebuild?

6. Overture to Armageddon: Want to be left behind?

Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon? – Three seminars with audio and PowerPoint

The History of Christian Zionism
The Theology of Christian Zionism
The Politics of Christian Zionism

Lost in Transit: A blog entry about his recent visit to Jakarta and the international Nakba conference at the University of Indonesia.

Joint Declaration by Christian Leaders on Israel’s 60th Anniversary

Assessing Western and Christian Stands on the Islamic Republic A paper given at The Gulf Cultural Club, January 2008

Evangelical-Muslim Dialogue Consultation: The World Islamic Call Society Evangelical-Muslim Consultation, Tripoli, Libya, January 2008

Worship and Service: Community Responsibility A Paper delivered at the Evangelical-Muslim Consultation, Tripoli, Libya, January 2008

Annapolis: Optimism Vs. Pessimism An article for Sojourners Magazine March 2008

The First Palestinian Intifada: Press TV Programme Middle East Today with Chris Gelken, Saturday 8th December 2007. Watch the programme.

American Apocalypse. Why are some Christian’s anxious for Armageddon? Published in Plain Truth May-June 2007.

Jesus and other Faiths. a paper delivered at the Oxford Diocesan Curates Conference, (in a debate with Marcus Braybrooke) April 2007.

Justice in the Eyes of Jesus, A paper delivered at a conference of Evangelicals and Muslims, Chicago, November 2006.

Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism A Declaration by the Patriarch and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, August 2006.

Modern Israel in Bible Prophecy: Promised Return or Impending Exile? Published in the Christian Research Journal. 2006 Volume: 29 Number: 6.

Bible Answer Man Interview with Hank Hanegraaff. A discussion on Christian Zionism for the Christian Research Institute

Middle East Tour 2006 Stephen’s travel blog from his Middle East tour, July 2006.

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