The Gary Demar Show

The Gary DeMar Show on American Vision is your 15 minutes of sanity each weekday. Four out of five doctors surveyed recommend this show along with a large dose of commonsense to help combat the insanity served up by the mainstream media.

Gary DeMar serves your daily recommended allowance of rationality. Gary’s Show is where you will hear current events, pop culture, politics, religion, and bunches of other stuff examined through the lense of a biblical worldview.

Gary DeMar and Stephen Sizer discuss Christian Zionism and its impact on the Middle East in a series of 15 minute audio/video interviews recorded in April 2009.

Christian Zionism and the Middle East Conflict

An Overview of the History of Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism and the Middle East

The Rise of Christian Zionism

Culture Wars of Middle Eastern Civilizations

American Vision’s (AV’s) mission has been to Restore America to its Biblical Foundation—from Genesis to Revelation since 1978. AV realizes that this task requires a strategy to “Make disciples (not just converts) of all nations and teach them to obey and apply the Bible to all of life” (Matt. 28:18-20). So AV developed a method to accomplish this in our lives by way of illustration to understand all that encompasses God’s plan for spiritual growth. In doing so, it also became the way in which we now recognize the ministry with our new trademark (see the top left of the website).

To follow our train of thought, the structure (on the left) is a bottom up approach to developing a fruitful Christian life. By way of a Biblical Education—knowing what the Bible has to say—we study the four  essential parts of knowledge: history, apologetics, ethics, and eschatology. Once we gather a solid understanding of the Bible and gain knowledge in these four essential areas of life, Christian worldview and character sinks in to personally develop maturity and wisdom. By way of Christian maturity, we can exercise “Servanthood Dominion” over all God’s world as He has commanded us to do. This is what American Vision is all about.