Nativity 2009: The Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is a very special tree.† Beautiful isnít it? Some people think that its a pagan tradition. I donít think so. The Christmas tree is actually a Christian tree. Everything about it tells us more about Jesus. Why do we have a star on the top? Why do we place presents under the tree? But what about the tinsel? What is it called? Angel hair. Why? So the Christmas tree tells the Christmas story. But it has another message too. Even without its decorations, whenever I see a Christmas tree it reminds me of Jesus. There were three trees in Jesus life. Three trees carried him in his life. The 1st tree was used to make the crib in which he was laid as a baby. The 2nd tree made the boat that carried Jesus across the Sea of Galilee. The third tree made the cross on which Jesus died. Jesus died in our place, so we would not have to. He died that we might be forgiven. He died to make us good. He died that we might go to heaven saved by his precious blood. Did you know there is a cross in every Christmas tree?
The Christmas tree is the only one I have found that has the cross hidden in its branches. At the heart of the Christmas tree then is the cross. But there is one more special thing about the Christmas tree that tells me about Jesus. Most trees shed their leaves in winter. The Christmas tree remains green all year. Its branches are a vivid reminder of new life and resurrection during the cold and barren season when all the other trees are bare.† God created trees for our pleasure and as a lesson to teach us more about him. The Christmas tree reminds me of the tree of life (Lignum Vitae) mentioned at the beginning of the Bible and at the end of the Bible. In the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned they were forbidden from eating from the tree of life. At the end of the Bible in the Book of Revelation the tree of life is mentioned again. Everyone who believes in Jesus can eat of the tree of life and live forever. So the Christmas tree, the tree of life, reminds us of what happened in the Garden of Eden when sin entered the world. It reminds us of the Christmas story when Jesus was laid in a crib. It reminds us of the cross where Jesus died to save us. And the Christmas tree, the tree of life, reminds us of the everlasting life that is ours if we trust and believe in Jesus. And it reminds me of one more tree Jesus talked about - himself. In John 15 Jesus said, ďI am the tree and you are the branches. If you stay close to me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.Ē (John 15:5) Christmas celebrates the possibility of knowing Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, our very best Friend. So lets thank God for the beautiful Christmas tree and all it teaches us about Godís love for us and his wonderful plan for our lives. Lets pray.